The hallmark is an official mark indicating the purity and confirming the origin of precious metals. In Kunsthalle Praha Design Shop we present only jewellery from manufactures registered with the Assay Office.

The registration of Kunsthalle Praha Design Shop with the Assay Office can be found here: http://www.puncovniurad.cz/cz/zlatnici.aspx


Quality of our materials:


Silver 925/1000

Silver jewellery in the Czech Republic is mainly made of silver with a purity of 925/1000, so-called sterling silver which is a high-quality alloy of silver containing 92,5 % pure silver and 7,5% of other metals. Metal alloying increase hardness and strength of silver and it then becomes ideal for jewellery production.


Gold-plated silver 925/1000

Sterling silver plated with a thin layer of gold. The most common gold plating is either yellow or rose, and you can find both in the jewellery category.





Jewellery care:

To prolong the life of your jewellery, avoid contact with water, soap, chemicals, perfumes and cosmetic products. If you are not wearing the jewellery, place it in a box so that it does not touch other jewellery and cannot be scratched. Use only a soft cloth to clean the jewellery, do not use chemical cleaners.