Lucia Moholy: A Hundred Years of Photography 1839-1939

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As early as 1930, lucia moholy (1894-1989) had the idea of writing a "photo book" and began to research extensively. she fulfilled her aspiration to write a culturally and historically grounded history of photography by embedding the prerequisites, developments and achievements of the new medium in a broad context of political, economic, technical, aesthetic, artistic and socio-cultural contexts.

Lucia Moholy (1894–1989) was born in Prague, where she lived until she reached the age of twenty-one. In 1915 she left for Germany, where she found employment in editorial offices and publishing houses. Her passion was photography, with a particular accent on the historical development and social significance of the medium. In 1921 she married the Hungarian-born artist and photographer László Moholy-Nagy, and within the space of a few years she herself found renown as a photographer. She taught for two years at the art school in Berlin, before moving to London in 1934. She was a member and contributor of The Photographic Society of Great Britain. The standard work has now been reissued for the first time and translated into german.


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Autorka: Lucia Moholy
Počet stran: 220
Rozměr: 140 × 180 mm
Vazba: měkká
Jazyk: Němčina
Vydavatel: Bauhaus-archiv
Rok vydání: 2016

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Kategorie: Knihy
Hmotnost: 0.7 kg
Téma: fotografie
Jazyk: němčina
Věk: dospělí

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